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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Brown made from?

A: Like any other mobile, Brown is assembled in a high quality standard factory in China.

Q: Where will I bring my products if I need repairs?

A: At any Solid Service Center nationwide. You may check for the branch nearest you.

Q: What if I lost my phone, can I lock it online?

A: Yes. This is an added security feature for Brown.

Q: What is the difference between Brown and MyPhone?

A: Brown is a curated phone and a portal to a new world full of creativity and opportunities, bringing you closer to artists and entrepreneurs, while keeping you dated on the latest news, hottest trends, and innovative products and services, making your life better and more inspiring.

Q: Is the memory expandable?

A: The sim2 slot can be an expansion slot for micro SD card. The recommended size is 64Gb.

Q: How is Brown different from other MLM companies?

A: At Brown, we focus on INTEGRITY. We are redefining MLM to become a legit marketing plan to empower the members.

Q: Why is there a 12 level limit?

A: This is for safety net for the company not to over payout. Most MLM companies designed their rewards for infinite earnings that result to overpayout and company folding.

Q: How long should it take to complete a tree?

A: A year maximum.

Q: Can I join even without referrer?

A: No. A referrer is required to join the movement.

Q: Can I join even without TIN?

A: No. Brown believes in the importance of nation building.

Q: Can I buy multiple slots?

A: Yes. There’s no limit.

Q: Can I have multiple slots with different up lines?

A: Yes, upon repurchase you can specify the desired upline.

Q: Can I refer more than 2recruits?

A: Yes. You can recruit as many members as you can.

Q: What if I refer more than 2 recruits, where will it go?

A: It will just spillover to the next available level.

Q: If placed not directly under my account, who will get the direct referral rewards?

A: The person who referred will get the reward.

Q: Can I switch default slots in any position I wish?

A: Yes, this is applicable to those who already have multiple slots. On the dashboard just go to “My Slots” Tab.

Q: Can I move my slot?

A: No. Once positioned, you cannot move your slot to other locations.

Q: How many pairs in one Brown tree?

A: 2,047 pairs (level)

Q: How many members in one Brown tree?

A: 4,095 member (level 12)

Q: Is my earning subject to Tax?

A: Yes, up to 32% total as mandated by law. But we will withhold the 10%, so your net tax will be 22%.

Q: Can I transfer money to a relative in the province?

A: Yes. EON has a transfer money feature.

Q: Can I withdraw money?

A: Yes, you can do ATM withdrawal.

Q: What if I lost my card?

A: Lock, replace, and transfer to a new card.

Q: How do I log in?

A: You can log in through

Q: Where can I view my income?

A: Through your Brown dashboard, under wallet.

Q: Where will enroll my bank account number?

A: In the brown dashboard, there’s a wallet encashment details that you will need to fill in.

Q: How do I change the default slot?

A: Go to brown dashboard, my slots, then specify your desired default slot position.